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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)2018-09-21T13:25:29-05:00
1. What is PEDCO?2018-07-19T13:28:32-05:00

PEDCO stands for the Ponca Economic Development Corporation. PEDCO is a nonprofit corporation overseen by a five member Board of Directors appointed by the Tribal Council of the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska. PEDCO is fully engaged in the Ponca Tribes core value : Feed the Buffalo.

2. What is PEDCO’s Mission?2018-07-19T13:29:17-05:00

The Mission of PEDCO is to create opportunities that improve the quality of life for all native people. PEDCO is at the center of the Ponca Tribes effort to support the effort of individual self sufficiency.

3. What does PEDCO do?2018-07-19T13:29:39-05:00

In 2018, PEDCO has the following Goals:

“Identify public and private partnerships that provide funds for programs and projects that enable Tribal citizens and other American Indians to improve their quality of life and have, at a minimum, a middle income class status so they can take care of themselves, their families and their communities.”

“Create a “Sense of Community” between the diverse rural and urban citizens of the Ponca Tribe and other American Indians residents in the jurisdictional area of the Ponca Tribe that will establish a seamless and complementary range of programs and services. This will be named the COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT PLAN.”

“Create a long term process and capitalization plan that ensure effective and efficient management of programs and projects and that maintains an “open ended” format so PEDCO can meet changing needs of clients and address changing requirements of funding sources.”

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