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How to Competitively Respond to a Sources Sought and Influence the Acquisition (2023 Update)

Tuesday, November 21, 2023
12:00 pm1:30 pm

This is an educational, fast-paced, high-energy, and thought-provoking webinar on how to competitively respond to “sources sought” or “request for information.”

Ten years ago, the government did not utilize “sources sought” as a primary acquisition tool. Now between 8% – 10% of opportunities in are sources sought. This shift indicates that the government is more focused on achieving a balance in its acquisition strategy, which is good news for government contractors.

Most companies respond to a sources-sought notice by only answering the given questions and providing the information requested by the government. However, there are several key strategies for responding effectively. The first is creating a standardized response format with a cover page, corporate overview, and capability statement. The second is recognizing that a sources-sought notice is an opportunity to “influence the acquisition.” You influence the acquisition by making recommendations and “ghosting” your strengths and the weaknesses of the competition.

This webinar will include many examples to maximize your understanding of the various techniques and strategies for responding to a sources-sought notice to influence the acquisition. The award-winning tactics and strategies in this webinar have directly helped companies win more than $2.8 billion in definitive contracts and more than $30 billion in multiple-award contracts. As a result, Mr. Frank, managing partner at RSM Federal, was awarded SBA’s Veteran Business of the Year and Small Business Advocate of the Year by the Society of American Military Engineers.

Target Audience: Small businesses pursuing federal market opportunities

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