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  • Module 1 Course 1 Steps for Starting a Business provides in-depth information about the initial steps to be taken to start a new business Course 1 topics are covered in three separate units:  Unit 1: A Business or a Hobby; Unit 2: Designing Your Business; Unit 3: Business Registration

  • Module 1 Course 2 Business Plans and Planning provides in-depth information about planning for your new business and preparing a business plan. Course 2 topics are covered in four separate units: Unit 1: Market Analysis Introduction; Unit 2: Sales and Marketing; Unit 3: Funding; Unit 4: Financial Documents

  • Make your work goals a reality—explore occupations, build a resume, prepare for an interview, and search schools and scholarship opportunities.

  • Build essential skills for workplace success!

  • Video tutorials for popular software used in the office and at home.

  • Video courses and guides to learn computer basics.

  • Video courses and guides to learn internet basics.

  • Video courses and tutorials to increase your personal skills in money and asset management.

  • Guided support and preparation to help you earn a high school equivalency credential.

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