Workforce Development


PEDCO is interested in gathering updated information about tribal members’ educational and workplace skills needs.

PEDCO last conducted a Tribal Workforce Development Questionnaire in 2015.  The workplace has changed drastically since that time.   The primary goal of the questionnaire is to help PEDCO identify and assist with Tribal member needs related to employment and training.  Another goal is to identify the impacts of COVID on career and employment.  

We encourage all tribal members ages 16 and older to complete and return the questionnaire.  If you would prefer to have the questionnaire either emailed or mailed to you, please contact Larry Loucks at 402-499-1202 or

Please return completed questionnaires no later than June 17, 2022.

You can download a fillable pdf copy of the questionnaire here

You can access the questionnaire on google docs here.

Thank you for helping us gather this important information!!      


PEDCO's Workforce Development Program consists of two primary components:

Intern/Trainee Program - NOW AVAILABLE!! 

Skills-Oriented Advancement Resource - User Powered (SOAR-UP) E-Learning Courses - Courses are presently available through our E-Learning Programs page.

PEDCO is very pleased to acknowledge it's project sponsors for the Workforce Development Program.  This program is funded primarily through American Rescue Plan Act funds provided by the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska.  The SOAR-UP Program is funded in part through grant funds provided by the Union Pacific Foundation Community Ties Giving Program.

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