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PEDCO's featured artist for March 2022 is Travis Blackbird.

Travis Blackbird is Oglala Lakota and Omaha (UmoNhoN).  Travis engages in a number of art forms, and is well known for his Ledger Art.

I come from the Omaha tribe of Nebraska, also a descendent of the Oglala Lakota people through my mother. I have been creating Native American ledger art for the past 4 1/2 years. Introduced to me by another Omaha native ledger artist Eddie Encinas. Encinas informed me about the art form from the origins up to the present. Ledger art has been a lesson in Native American culture and tribal histories.

Ledger Art is a Native American art genre generally attributed to Plains Indians.   Plains pictorial art frequently emphasized narrative action and eliminates unnecessary detail or backgrounds. Figures tended to be drawn in hard outlines and filled with solid fields of color.(4)  Source: Wikipedia  (4)Greene, 63.

Family Portrait

FAMILY PORTRAIT. Done on an antique ledger log page for the state of Illinois. Dated for the year 1917.

Attribution: © by Travis Blackbird, used with permission under license.

His Elk Robe

HIS ELK ROBE. Done on an antique 3 page letter to a Mr.C Herbert Martin of Mohoning Town. Pa from Caroline E. of Zelienople Pa. Dated for July 28th, 1898.

Attribution: © by Travis Blackbird, used with permission under license.

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