Development and Community Engagement Division

PEDCO is currently working with the Ponca Tribe of Nebraska to develop a comprehensive Integrated Resource Management Plan and Agricultural Resource Management Plan.  This plan shall:

1. Develop a framework for a comprehensive and integrated system of agricultural uses including buffalo and grazing management, farming, outdoor recreation, ecotourism, and natural and cultural resource conservation.

2. Identify alternatives and prioritize projects, programs, and policies focused on expanding outdoor recreation and tourism and developing sustainable food and feed resources.

3. Identify strategies that will guide the planning, funding, implementation, and maintenance of current and future land uses.

4. Develop a phased action plan to initiate policies, programs, and physical improvement and will include written documentation of project constraints and overall feasibility; identify the highest priority projects to be implemented over the following 10 years; and include a preliminary cost estimate for engineering, project administration, and construction for each project.

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