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Using Proposal Graphics for Readability and Impact (2023 Update)

Thursday, June 22, 2023
12:00 pm1:30 pm

When it comes to government proposals, covers and layout are never part of evaluation criteria beyond margin and font requirements. Yet, contracting officers are giving more and more focus to selecting the right photos, using icons to show themes throughout a response, or infographics to give readers a lot of data quickly and graphically.

This webinar covers graphic basics such as setting up your template to start with a compliant document and exploring options for layouts depending on the content you need to deliver. Your instructor, Carrie Ann Williams, will discuss developing basic graphics (such as a team organization chart or tables or call-out boxes) and using Action Captions and titles for more impact. She will also dive into how to take a narrative describing a complex process and convert it to a graphic (and why this helps reviewers.)

In sum, you will learn how to:

Start with compliant documents using a proposal template (in Word or InDesign)
Use titles and action captions to maximize the impact of your graphics
Convert complex processes to a graphic instead of pages of text, and when a graphic might make the most sense
Use “infographics” or icons in your response
Target Audience: Companies pursuing federal contracting opportunities

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