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Client: Aftermath Company, Inc.

Client:                                                   Aftermath Company, Inc.

Purchasing Department:               Department of the Interior

Purchasing Sub-Agency:               Bureau of Indian Education

Date of Award:                                 June 5, 2020

Total Award Amount:                    $35,741.00

Requisition #:                                    0040488609



Aftermath Company, Inc. is a Native Indian owned small business, situated out of Mora, MN, that specializes in performance, planning and project management for both light commercial and residential construction. Aftermath Company Inc. has also diversified its range of services to include the wholesale distribution of commercial vehicles and machinery.


Jason Kneiszler, owner of Aftermath Company, Inc., had prior experience in the supply of commercial vehicles and machinery. Through a bid match service that was set up for Aftermath Company, Inc. by PEDCO PTAC, Jason identified a need on the part of the Bureau of Indian Education (Dept. of the Interior) for two maintenance vehicles at the Chemawa Indian School.


Upon becoming aware of this contract opportunity, Jason envisioned a cost-effective solution for the Bureau of Indian Education’s vehicle needs through the supply of a Vantage Active Utility Vehicle. These  low maintenance vehicles are intended for on-site transport and maintenance services, and are ideally suited as maintenance and equipment transportation vehicles at an educational campus or other commercial facility campus. At a lower cost than a more traditional work truck, Jason saw an opportunity to meet the Bureau of Indian Education’s needs with a quality vehicle at an affordable price.  Jason then leveraged his prior business relationship with Vantage Vehicle International, Inc. to secure a price on two Vantage vehicles and formulated his bid accordingly.


Aftermath Company, Inc. was awarded a set aside, small business contract through the Bureau of Indian Education for a total amount of $35,741.00 for the supply of the two Vantage Active Utility Vehicles. This contract was particularly important to Aftermath Company, Inc., which sought to make inroads to future contract opportunities with the Bureau of Indian Affairs/Bureau of Indian Education.

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