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Kelly Computer Supply Company Finds Opportunities with Bureau of Indian Affairs

Kelly Computer Supply Company, a distributor of office furnishings, office supplies, and retail technology products, began its operation in 1983, but had no government contracting experience prior to 2020. That was when owner Bob Kelly approached PEDCO PTAC with the hope of exploring Federal government contracting opportunities that targeted Native American businesses. Since that time, Kelly Computer Supply Company has amassed 33 Federal contract awards, worth a total of nearly $1.7 million dollars.

Kelly Computer Supply Company has been particularly successful in its bids for Buy Indian set-aside contracts with the United States Department of the Interior. Many of the products supplied by Kelly Computer Supply Company have been ordered in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I’ve definitely seen an increased demand for personal protection equipment, touchless office and bathroom products, and desk shields in school and office environments,” Mr. Kelly confirms. “I’m glad to be in a position to meet that demand, and I take a lot of satisfaction in knowing that my products and services are helping to create safer work and learning spaces.”

Mr. Kelly acknowledges the role that PEDCO PTAC has played in his contracting success.

“PEDCO PTAC has helped me position my company to do business with the Federal government,” Mr. Kelly explains. “They were especially helpful in developing my marketing plan. They helped me to optimize my capability statement and SBA profile, they set me up with a bid match, and facilitated introductions to procurement staff at the Bureau of Indian Affairs. Overall, they’ve been a tremendous help in the government contracting side of my business.”

PEDCO PTAC congratulates Kelly Computer Supply Company for its government contracting success. If you are a Native American business owner with an interest in exploring the government marketplace, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for free government contracting assistance.    

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