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Who Buys What You Sell? A Step-by-Step Process (2024 Update)

Tuesday, June 11, 2024
12:00 pm1:30 pm

A Master Class on finding competitive intelligence on government opportunities. This session will help connect the dots and make you more competitive. We’ll walk through an extensive, step-by-step, real-world example where we use more than a dozen government websites and data sources, including tips and tricks with SAM’s Data Bank, to improve your competitive pricing, teaming, and sales strategy.

Identifying who buys, how much, and how often is called “Propensity” – and it helps you identify which military commands and federal agencies to target. Unlike most sessions, this is much more than a general or abstract discussion. This session, designed for “Business Readiness,” will accelerate your ability to validate who buys what you sell (down to the state, city, and contracting office level), help transform how and where you engage the market, and help validate the competitiveness of your pricing for any specific opportunity.

Successfully taking advantage of this information requires that you take the data you find in one system and use that data to find information and intelligence in the next system. There is a process for moving between government systems, and you’ll learn how to connect the dots to be more competitive.

Many consultants charge anywhere from $3K to $10K to do what this seminar will teach you. Utilizing SAM’s Data Bank, we will walk through an extensive, step-by-step process so that you can perform this research on your own. This seminar includes basic content to support companies new to government sales and advanced content for companies more established in the government space. This includes identifying your NAICS codes and SBA size standards, searching SAM’s Data Bank, running advanced ad hoc queries, locating your competitor’s pricing, and finding quality teaming partners. With millions of data fields, we will demonstrate the tips and tricks for MS Excel pivot tables to quickly find the answers you need for your government sales strategy. If you’re familiar with government data but not confident about how to filter or make sense of the data, this session is guaranteed to make you more competitive, help you identify and validate competitive price points (CPP) (whether your pricing is competitive), and help you more strongly target government buyers and teaming partners.

Target Audience: Novice and experienced federal contractors

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