Coffee & Issues: Unveiling the Illusion of the Middleman Strategy

Tuesday, June 25, 2024
2:30 pm3:30 pm

In this episode of GovCon Coffee & Issues, Carroll Bernard and Michael LeJeune will discuss the deceptive allure of the “Middleman Strategy” in government contracting. They dissect its portrayal in social media versus the harsh realities, debunking myths and exposing its inherent flaws. From regulatory constraints to the challenges of niche specialization and vendor relationships, they unravel the complexities. Through real-life examples and insightful analysis, they highlight the impracticality of the middleman approach and advocate for more sustainable business strategies. Join us as we confront the seductive facade of easy profits and reveal the true path to success in the competitive landscape of government contracts.

To join us live, register for the show on June 25. Then stick around after the show for a live Q&A session to get your most pressing questions answered. Spots for the Q&A are limited, so make sure to register.

If you’d rather listen, check out our Facebook page and our YouTube channel where we’ll be streaming the show in real time.

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